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New business of the Battery Evaluation & Safety Test Service has just begun 10-05-13 13:30
Nowadays, the high-performance lithium rechargeable batteries become the indispensable key device for utilization of the electric power as alternative energy from fossil fuels to reduce CO2 and defend the global environment.
However, the latest lithium rechargeable battery has the danger of spontaneous ignition and fires if it was not manufactured proper due to is high energy content.

Therefore safety measures are absolutely important because most portable devices and vehicles are part of everyone life. Japanese safety standard of lithium rechargeable battery is very strict and this is predicted to be the world standard from shortly. For example, strict safety specification of lithium rechargeable battery JIS 8714 has been adopted in Japan recently. Now, the United Nations and other major global safety standard institutes (United States UL, Europe’s IEC, ISO, etc.) are working to adopt the JIS 8714 as the international safety standard. TOYO SYSTEM is the only company in the world to supply safety test equipment for JIS 8714.

TOYO SYSTEM’s potential market share will be increased drastically in all over the world once the Japanese safety standard becomes the world standard. Since many portable products worldwide already consume lithium batteries manufactured in Japan, the effects of TOYO SYSTEM on the world has already been felt widely.

TOYO SYSTEM has recently developed a new business model of the battery evaluation service. TOYO SYSTEM evaluates customers’ batteries by its equipment and reports results to them on contract for companies which don’t have battery testing engineers, which don’t have battery data and don’t have enough space for evaluation equipment. Lithium rechargeable battery could be exploded and fired during the evaluation test sometimes. TOYO SYSTEM has developed safe facilities, equipment and test specification based on many evaluation test experience during past 20 years. Now TOYO SYSTEM has just started battery evaluation service business with confident in safety.
Major lithium rechargeable battery makers are satisfied with this new business model and trust TOYO SYSTEM more so that TOYO SYSTEM could build the biggest battery evaluation service facilities in Japan and try to expand this business in Korea, USA, EU and China and so on. This battery evaluation test service business with the biggest facilities and equipments in Japan is begun to catch overseas customers’ eyes. Several overseas electric vehicle makers start to ask battery test service to TOYO SYSTEM. We are sure that this new business will be improved rapidly in the world in near future.

Shoji had suggested test service business not only for battery evaluation but also for battery safety test service. TOYO SYSTEM has already started lithium rechargeable battery safety test service business for several major Japanese battery and electric vehicle makers. This brand new business model shall be major worldwide business within 2~3 year.