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Battery Testing Service has been started in TOYO SYSTEM USA 14-05-06 13:32

We are pleased to announce that TOYO SYSTEM USA is fully operational and our Battery Testing Services are available in the United States.

We would also appreciate the opportunity to discuss our capabilities with you by E-mail (sales@toyosystem.com) or offer you a tour of our facility.

Please let us know if there is any questions or requests on Battery Testing Service to follow up with you. 

* TOYO SYSTEM USA currently has charge/discharge facilities capable of up to 20V/360A or more.

* Our testing occurs in environmental chambers capable of various temperatures in a closed room for safety and confidentiality.

* Testing is done using our proprietary testing equipment, TOSCAT, a system known for high accuracy and reliability.

* We provide testing, the way you want with the data the way you need it employing highly skilled and experienced engineering staffs.

* Our services deliver fast reliable results and save our clients the investment in complex and expensive facilities and staffing.

* We have experience working with an extensive list of manufactures and end users (See Clients) that enable us to work with you to design the

right testing fixtures for your battery.

* Please contact us so we can discuss how we can service all your battery testing needs.

* if you are OK, we can visit your site and give the presentations on the company and its service & products.

- E-mail: sales@toyosystem.com 

TOYO SYSTEM USA is supplying various Charge/Discharge facilities (TOSCAT series) and R&D scale battery manufacturing facilities (TOSMAC series) with various kinds of Safety Test machines. 


Henry Kim

Vice President, Toyo System USA