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Exhibition (Booth No. 31) in AABC 2015 during June 16~19 in Detroit, Michigan 15-05-18 05:54

Advanced Automotive& Industrial / Stationary Battery Conference

TOYO SYSTEM is the No. 1 Cycling tester supplier in Japan.

TOYO SYSTEM USA will have an exhibition booth (No. 31) in AABC 2015 

during June 16~19 in Detroit, Michigan. 

Also TOYO SYSTEM is the Gold Sponsor of the AABC 2015.

TOYO SYSTEM (Mr. Taku Saito) will give a talk on a new issue for the development of the Lithium rechargeable batteries in Session 4 of AABTAM on June 19. 

 Automotive Symposium
Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application & Market
Wednesday, June 17 to Friday, June 19, 2015

*Session 4 (Joint session with industrial/stationary symposium session 4):
  Battery Abuse-Tolerance Design and Validation


     5. Simultaneous Generated Gas Components at the Safety Evaluation of Lithium-Ion Batteries
        Taku Saito, Battery Testing and Chemical Analysis Sections, Toyo System

If you attend this AABC 2015, please come by our booth and share your needs and interest on our facilities and services. 

And if you need any information on our products and services, please let us know your needs any time.

Also if you think you need a meeting with us, we can have a video meeting or visit your site for the meeting. 

For more information, please access to www.toyosystem.com.

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