TOSCAT series
TOSMAC series
Battery Testing
Pack business
Battery Test Systems for various advanced Primary & Rechargeable Batteries and Packs,
especially for Li-ion & Li polymer Battery
For R&D of Half & Single cells, Packs (Multi current range)
For R&D of Active materials and other elements (Multi current range)
For measuring real load test (Simulation / Pulse test < GSM, etc >)
High accuracy, reliable TOSCAT-3200
TOSCAT-3200 for Power regeneration
TOSCAT-3200 for Ripple Superimposition
For small scale & large scale Mass production line / QA&QC line
Compact size portable TOSCAT-3200
For various driving simulation

TOSCAT-3710 & 3720
For inspection process of pack manufacturing (Pack)
For inspection process of pack manufacturing (PCB, PCM)
Other TOSCAT products
Battery pack analyzer
Checking the current status of the cellular phone battery simply and in short time
Features of TOSCAT series
  • Excellence in noiseless power supply
       - Series Dropper type power supply
  • Excellence in Safety and Reliability
       - Patented unique jig pin, Digital switching system, Safety covers
       - Overcharge / Overheat protection
       - Protection against over-charge & over-discharge
       - Protection against over-heating [Option]
       - Protection against over-pressure [Option]
       - Auto-check of the controlling unit of test system
       - Self-diagnostic alarm system
       - Fireproof specifications
  • Excellence in Accuracy
       - Multi-range & Automatic change of current
       - Hybrid Power Supply, Network system
       - Highly reliable components
  • Excellence in long experience with major lithium rechargeable battery makers
       - More than 20 years
       - Very active cooperation with major leading HEV, EV makers currently
  • Excellence in Jig & Fixture design
       - For small scale lithium rechargeable battery
       - For large scale lithium rechargeable battery, module and pack
  • Excellence in Technical Cooperation for Client Satisfaction
       - Battery Evaluation Testing Service
  • Excellence in Smart Battery System Measurement
       - Excellence in reading future needs for advanced rechargeable battery by battery R&D and manufacturing Gurus in TOYO